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Winnie - Scruffy, Who Said I Was Scruffy?

Updated: Jan 30


Winnie, a sweet and beautifully scruffy 5 year old terrier, adores the outdoors and delights in chasing balls and frisbees. Adopted as a puppy, her return a year later was a result of her owners' move to a no-pets-allowed residence. Now, after a couple of years, she dreams of the comforting embrace of a home once again.

Winnie seeks a home without other pets or small kitd - just someone willing to be her best friend! She needs a person willing to take their time with her and perhaps even have private training classes. Despite being a long-term resident, her perfect match is yet to be discovered.

Do you have a cozy couch for snuggles and a spacious backyard for her to call home?Let's unite to find Winnie the home of her dreams!

Interested in Winnie?


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