Spay & Neuter

We are a low cost spay/neuter clinic offering spay or neuter appointments Monday through Thursday mornings.

Call Clinic for appointment (830)-257-4144.

Drop off your pet between 7:30 and 8:00 in the morning and pick up late that afternoon. All pet owners are required to show a current Rabies Vaccine Certificate for pets 12 weeks or older, or we will be required to vaccinate them before surgery. When grant funds are available, we offer discounted pricing on spay/neuter surgeries or sometimes for free or by donation only.

The 1200 sq. ft. surgical building is to the right as you drive in and is equipped with a reception area, prep room, surgery suite, recovery area, and holding areas for up to 60 animals. It is a separate building and not in the clinic or in the shelter.

Prices for Dog Spay 
  • $105  Up to 20 pounds   -   in heat or very early pregnancy  + $20     

  • $110  20.1 pounds- 40 pounds  -  in heat or early pregnancy  +$30

  • $125  40.1 pounds- 60 pounds  -  in heat or early pregnancy  + $40

Prices for Dog Neuter (E-collar, the plastic cone, is an additional fee)
  • $85  Up to 20 pounds

  • $95  20.1 pounds- 40 pounds

  • $110  40.1 pounds- 60 pounds

  • $125  60.1 pounds- 80 pounds

  • request fee for dogs over 80 pounds

Price for Cat Spay
  • $65   if pregnant $20 additional

Price for Cat Neuter
  • $55