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Trooper - Refuses to Social Distance

Updated: Aug 21, 2022


Senior kitties are so sweet! Trooper is a perfect example of that. He is an instant greeter with sweet meows and gentle head nudges. He let’s you know with a nibble not to stop sharing the love.

Trooper is one of the most handsome tuxedo boys and is around 10 years old. He was found by a Good Samaritan at only one day old and is truly a miracle baby.

Even though we’ve had many discussions with Trooper, he still does not know how to follow the social distancing guidelines and he will gladly take you on a tour of all the favorite spots in his spacious kingdom which includes all of kitty shelter and the outdoor catio. If he's not out in the catio, he's probably with his best buddy Squee, snuggling in his luxurious cat condo.

Since Trooper is now a long term resident, his sponsorship would help provide for his everyday care such as yummy wet food and delicious treats, soft rugs and fluffy beds as well as for his yearly exams, all of which is very much needed.

With sponsorship you can become his very own virtual owner, his sponsor mom/dad. We will sent you monthly updates on his activities, and you are welcome to come spend time with him, too!

Watching Trooper make biscuits is like watching a fuzzy little baker kneading dough.

Visit our sponsor page to find all about sponsoring, or Email us to sponsor Trooper!

Trooper Sponsor

Jennifer McFaddin


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