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The Greatest Year Yet!

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Looking back at the year 2021 and all that we accomplished, we are astounded to report that it was an amazing year! Despite the negative impacts of COVID, we continued to work diligently, bettering the lives of the animals around us.

We are so incredibly happy to announce that 2021 was by far our greatest year, yet!

Early on, we were proud to play a part in housing many dogs and cats that were displaced by the unprecedented “Snowmageddon”. We opened our doors to 13 dogs and cats that found themselves stranded with no place to go while their families sought shelter elsewhere, 2 of which stayed with us almost a month! Most of our staff sacrificed and stayed on scene.. in the event that traveling back would become impossible. They made the choice to stay with the animals. We were beyond full capacity at that point!

Last year, we provided 2,413 much needed low cost spay/neuter surgeries, 131 of those were FREE!

We also played a vital role in saving the lives of 712 dogs and cats in need!

WOW! What truly amazing numbers!

While we are blown away by the numbers, we realize it’s a team effort! We have an amazing, dedicated staff, awesome rescue partners and most of all….YOU! We could never, ever do any of this without all of you

Our followers, our supporters and our DONORS! All of you have been so incredibly loyal and generous!

We rely on donations and without them, most of what you see above can’t happen. Especially enormous number of lives saved.

So thank you!


Here is to an even bigger 2022!!


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