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Sphinx - An Emergency Rescue


Sphinx is a gorgeous 1 year old tortoiseshell with quite the story to tell!

Picture's 5 at night and a call comes in pleading for help with an in labor mom who has not delivered any kittens after being in labor for 5 days. It turns out that she has a broken pelvis from an old injury. Our team rushed her to surgery, ready to save any kittens there might be, but we knew the outcome would not be good. Sure enough, no babies survived, but now mom had to fight off the infection she had developed through the ordeal. With the right meds and rest she recovered!

Sphinx soon proved to be very sweet and loves a couple of the other cats in our care. She is completely recovered with only a slight limp that does not slow her down. You can see how at ease she is in the clinic. She has been surrendered to us and is now waiting to find a loving home!

Interested in Sphinx?


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