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Peggy - Ever The Comeback Kid!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


Peggy was found at animal control as a tiny kitten with a traumatic amputation to her rear right leg. At the time, we had a sweet cat loving gentleman by the name of Herb Denk who had a soft spot for kitties with disabilities. He gladly took Peggy into his home, nursed her through two subsequent surgeries to clean up her infected bone and close up the skin. Peggy and Mr. Denk lived a happy life, ultimately adding a couple of other Freeman-Fritts Kitties to the family. Those happy times came to a screeching halt when Mr. Denk's health began to fail. Numerous hospital stays later, it was determined that he could not return home, so Peggy, Crackle and Sam found themselves without their dad, but they were never at risk of being homeless, as we ALWAYS take back our own. We are family for life.

While Crackle and Sam seemed to fit into shelter life...Peggy struggled. She missed her dad so much that she stopped eating, lost a ton of weight and nearly died. A feeding tube was placed, and the staff began the fight to save her. She was moved in to the conference room, where she is surrounded by humans. She started to rally.

Slowly, day by day, the sparkle in her eyes returned, and we started to see the Peggy of old. She was back! That was almost a year ago, and we've decided she's here to stay. We just can't risk any more changes in her life. She has her special space and freedom in the conference room. She knows all our secrets and is privy to all the Board meetings.

Peggy can't wait for you to be her sponsor!

Visit our sponsor page to find all about sponsoring, or Email us to sponsor Peggy!

Peggy Sponsor

Cali Thompson

Frances Pooser


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