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Paige- Social Butterfly

Updated: Jan 29


It's the one, the only Paige, the positively charming and inquisitive kitten in search of a forever home filled with love! At 8 months old, this fur ball is a bundle of playful energy ready to turn your world into a kitty playground. Paige isn't just cute; she's the life of the party, finding pure bliss in both playtime and snuggle sessions.

With a social spirit that's off the charts, Paige is the ultimate companion. Get ready for a douple dose of fun as she promises to infuse your home with joy and curiosity, transforming each day into furr-tastic adventure.

If you're on the lookout for a sweet, affectionate sidekick to spice up your family life, Paige is the purrfect match.

Interested in Paige?


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