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Kitzer - Cruella De Ville of the Surgery

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


Kitzer is the Cruella De Ville of the surgery, constantly intimidating others. Cats scatter when she appears in the room. As you can see from her photos, she loves to eat and weighs in at over 15 pounds. She is 10 years old.

Most black cats have some white somewhere, but Kitzer is unusual in that she is totally black.

You can hear her complaining about obeying instructions like getting back into her kennel after play time.

As the staff says, "She is just not nice." That's why she needs sponsors. She makes a much better virtual pet than a real one!

While she still on the search for a forever home, she is considered a long term resident

and she could use a FF Kind Heart Sponsor. Could that be you?

Visit our sponsor page to find all about sponsoring, or Email us to sponsor Kitzer!

Kitzer sponsor

Marsha Adams


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