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Kimmie - Miracle Mom

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


Kimmie came to us with devastating injuries. She was found struggling to move in the middle of the street. Her face was smashed, her jaw shattered and her spine damaged. Most likely she was out scavenging for food and was run over by a car. She had a fighting spirit, and we quickly realized why her will to live was so strong. She was a nursing mother!

A group of rescuers was assembled to search for her babies, which were found just in time 48 hours later under the building of a school nearby. We gave them back to Kimmie for a brief reunion, but she needed all her strength to heal herself, so sadly we had to place the babies with an experienced rescue to be bottle raised.

Kimmie DID get better. Her jaw was wired and her injured paw was repaired, but the spinal injuries were permanent, and she remains paralyzed. She doesn't let that get her down as you can see in the video. Kimmie has a team of dedicated staff members that cater to her every need, and she is the center of attention in the clinic. She lets everyone who will listen know it, too!

Kimmie would love a sponsor.

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Kimmie sponsors


April Mitchell- in honor of Oliver adopted from Freeman-Fritts

Phyllis Allen


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