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Gale - Official Surgery Greeter

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


Gale is the official greeter of the surgery. He would wag his tail if he could! Manx cats tend to be doglike, and Gale follows humans around like a dog.

That cute butt Gale has in pictures has some not so cute consequences. He was born with manx syndrome, which effects tailless manx cats that are born without enough nerves in the rear end to control their bowels. This is a problem for the many, many people who otherwise would have adopted him over the years. Gale needs a lot of daily care. He only eats expensive Fancy Feast Weight Diet dry food to give him extra fiber and prevent diarrhea.

Gale loves to play, and he is also a champion biscuit maker, kneading you with his paws.

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Cali and Janice-In Memory of Gizmo-"Life's too short not to roll around in sunshine and dust."


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