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Donny and Marie- A Stunning Duo


What a pair! This stunning duo came to us in the beginning of June 2021 as young kits. Each is quite a character.

Marie is the more outgoing and loves to be on someone's lap getting attention. She loves her toys; her favorite is the laser pointer. A gorgeous tuxedo with a slim figure, she has a goofy quirk; she loves to put her food in her water and then get it out with her paw, sort of like a raccoon. She loves her brother Donny.

Donny is a little more shy, but he will allow a person to pet him on his terms. Shortly after we received him he came down with FIP, feline infectious peritonitis. FIP was considered a death sentence just a few short years ago, but they have finally found a treatment. Donny started treatment on August 27th, 2021, which required him getting a shot daily for 84 days. He finished his treatments and is doing marvelously. He is now ready to find his home with his sister, whom he loves dearly.

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