Ash - Pulled from a Burn Pile

Updated: Sep 1, 2020


Handsome and regal, Ash was rescued from a burn pile as a tiny tot in 2015 and recovered to become this gorgeous tabby. Just look at those perfect tabby mouth, whiskers and nose!

Along the way he has had adventures, some good some bad. He was adopted out, given away, lost, found and returned to Freeman Fritts. Through it all he remained a great people cat.

Ash roams the cat shelter doing his daily inspections, and is always hoping to find his forever human. You can see in the video how laid back he is even in a situation with with strangers.

He really loves people, and more than anything would love a home that he could call his own.

Are you in need of a companion or some kitty therapy? Ash is a great listener as well with many years to be a forever furr-iend! Don’t miss out !