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Winifred - A Shower of Sunshine


Winifred is a delightful terrier mix who's on a mission to spread love and joy wherever she goes! This little ball of sunshine is just a year old and already a pro at showering everyone with cuddles and snuggles. She's a social butterfly with an open heart, welcoming every soul into her circle of friends, whether they're human or furrier than her!

Winifred is the perfect package of fun and affection, always wagging her tain and bringing smiles to everyone around her. Her gentle and loving nature makes her an ideal companion for anyone seeking a loyal and caring friend. And, oh boy, does she love to play! With her endless energy and big heart, Winifred will swiftly steal your heart and become your new BFF in a blink of an eye!

Interested in Winifred?

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