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Roy - Loyal and Affectionate


Roy is an outstanding puppy who is looking for a loving family to call his own. Despite his past struggles, he is a resilient and adorable 6 month old Terrier mix, who is ready to start his new life with love, care, and affection. Although we can't be sure how he got the scars on his face, we do know that he is ready to move on from his past and embrace his future.

Roy is a meek, cute, and handsome puppy who is sure to melt your heart with his loving personality. He has already shown that his heart is open to love, and he will make a loyal and affectionate companion to anyone who is willing to give him the chance. He is sure to bring a lot of joy and happiness to any family lucky enough to adopt him.

If you are looking for a furry friend who will become a cherished part of your family, look no further than Roy.

Interested in Roy?

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