Phoenix - Up From the Ashes


Phoenix came to us from the streets, so we do not know her past. We do know that she was completely matted and very scared. She is the type of dog that has baggage, and we will never know what all of it is, but we have a few guesses. She is not a big fan of men and she also feels the need to guard her possessions. But she does love to be loved, and she can be an absolute sweetheart, which you can see in her video.

Phoenix is a beautiful 6 year old Maltese Mix. She's sassy, bossy and loves her toys. You can usually find her tossing them around.

Most people are going to want Phoenix. I mean look, she's adorable! But she will require an experienced owner. And a home with no kids.

Please be sure you read and understand her story before inquiring about adopting her. She will be looking for the home that is the right fit for her, and you will want to be sure yours is it.

Interested in Phoenix?

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