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Larry - Yes, We Have Favorites

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


Caught in a trap at the state hospital as a kitten, Larry is now 8 years old and an absolute favorite of the kitty staff at the shelter. In addition he is a favorite of the shelter kitties themselves, getting along with them all. Larry wins the Best Personality Contest hands down!

Larry's fabulous glowing eyes draw you right to him, and it is hard to keep your hands off his amazingly soft grey and white coat.

However, because of his age, Larry has now become a permanent resident, and change does not come easy. He would love to have his very own sponsor to help take care of his yearly exams, and everyday care. He would also like visits! Find the joy in virtually adopting this kitty that has little chance of finding his forever home outside of the shelter.

Visit our sponsor page to find all about sponsoring, or Email us to sponsor Larry.

Larry Sponsor

Randi and Tuan


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