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Lady - Serene and Loving


Lady is the most PURR-fect cat that deserves a loving home. She is currently around 4 years old, and to say she's "just gorgeous" is an absolute understatement.

Here are some additional points to consider if you are interested in making her part of your family: Lady is a Manx, which means she has a naturally short or absent tail. This unique feature adds to her charm and makes her stand out from other cats. Manx have been known to be more dog-like, too.

Despite having been returned to the shelter, Lady is an absolutely loving and affectionate cat. She may need some time to adjust to a new environment, but once she feels safe and secure, she will shower you with love and attention.

Lady is looking for a calm and quiet home where she can relax and feel comfortable. If you have a busy household with lots of noise and activity, she may not be the best fit.

If you are interested in adopting Lady, you can contact the shelter by email or visit her in person during the designated hours. Keep in mind that adopting a pet is a big responsibility, so be sure you are ready to provide the love and care that Lady deserves.

Interested in Lady?

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