Kamryn- Voted Best Purrmotor

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


She’s the very definition of sassy! And she’s proud of it! Kamryn is 10 years old, and while she loves people, she will definitely let you know when she’s had enough love for that moment.

Kamryn can usually be found lounging on the front desk, helping with paper work or at the front door bathing in the sunshine.

Have you heard this girl purr ? It’s magnificent! Probably the best you will ever hear!

Kamryn requires a very experienced cat expert to adopt her. One that understands the diva kitty lifestyle and also one who can handle her current health requirements. Late 2019, Kamryn was diagnosed with diabetes. Her diabetes not only requires life saving insulin, but a special diet as well. Both of these can get expensive over time.

While she still on the search for a forever home, she is considered a long term resident

and now with her diabetes she could use a FF Kind Heart Sponsor. Could that be you?

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