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Johnnie- Welcome to The Party

Updated: Jan 29


Meet Johnnie, the 2024 home-seeking heartthrob! This two year old bundle of joy is on a quest for an epic forever home, and he's not just looking for a place to crash - he's ready to turn it into the ultimate fun zone!

Johnnie's charm extends beyond his good looks; he's a lively spirit with an enthusiasm for life that's contagious. Imagine a furry tornado of happiness, and you've got Johnnie! His radiant personality makes him the friendliest greeter . When he sees someone new, he doesn't just say hello; he practically throws a welcome party.

If you're up for a daily dose of laughter, love, and adventure, Johnnie is the one for you. Let's make 2024 the year Johnnie finds his forever family.

Interested in Johnnie?


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