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Bella - The Thinker

Updated: Jun 1


Bella was born and raised here in the shelter, where she has been loved daily. She loves her big bed and watching the birds. If approached with a high pitched whisper "Bella, Bella", you will get a sweet squeak in return, but she can be fierce, which is why she has remained here for 11 years.

Bella has a cute crinkle in her left ear. Her mother had the same crinkle but in the right ear!

Bella is like "The Thinker" statue, motionless. It's a little hard to tell, but we guess that she is contemplating her next nap. Watch for the slightest of blinks in the video.

Bella would love to have a FF Kind Heart sponsor as a friend.

Visit our sponsor page to find all about sponsoring, or Email us to sponsor Bella!

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